Are you planning to buy a plot, but you don’t know how to go about it? Or maybe you have been browsing offers for several months, traveling around the villages, but nothing meets your expectations?

The purchase of a plot of land is the first thing most of us do when we decide to build a house. As a rule, we are guided primarily by the location and price per m2. When these two variants are met, it seems to us that we have already found our place on earth, where we will place our dream home. There are, however, a few important aspects that should be taken into account and checked at the stage of searching for land property.

First, what can we build on this particular plot?

Do you dream of a modern house, with a flat roof or anthracite tile? Take a look at the local zoning plan. You will find in it information on the purpose of the area (single and multi-family housing, services, roads, green areas, etc.), minimum plot sizes, permissible building surface sizes, building lines and requirements for the appearance of the designed building (i.e. information on whether we are able to
build our dreaming house with a flat roof, whether the requirement is, for example, a gable roof with red tiles), etc. If the local area development plan has not been adopted, the necessary information can be found in the decision on building conditions (WZ). Both documents are developed and issued by the commune or city authority.

Secondly, the legal status of the land property.

Before buying a plot, be sure to check that it is not encumbered with a mortgage or third party rights, such as land easement. Also confirm whether the person selling the property is in fact the owner (or, for example, has obtained it inheritance and has not yet completed all formalities). Important information can be found in the land and mortgage register at (based on the land and mortgage register number obtained from the seller). You should also look at the excerpt and excerpt from the land and building records to confirm the property owners’ data and obtain information related to the location and area of ​​the plot, its boundaries, type of land use, location, purpose and function of buildings located on these lands, about the entry to the monuments register, lease contracts. If the seller does not have the above documents, we can apply for them ourselves in the competent poviat starosty or poviat office.

Third, the benefits of the plot.

We have already confirmed that, according to the Local Plan, we are able to build our dream home (or make some concessions to meet the provisions of it). It is also worth analyzing the shape of the plot, its size and location relative to the directions of the world in terms of the selected house project. Let’s make sure that the size of the house is within the building lines designated by law (distance from the plot border, neighboring buildings, or roadway). Let’s evaluate the possible arrangement of the building on the plot in relation to the directions of the world. The ideal situation allows us to locate living rooms such as the living room and terrace, or garden from the south or possibly from the west, and entry to the property and wardrobe type rooms, storage rooms, utility rooms from the north or east. Let’s check the state of utilities of the plot and take into account in our budget the possible need to make electricity, gas, water and sewage connections. Let’s take a look at the environment – living near sheds, landfills, incinerators or even overhead power lines can be a nuisance for many of us. Let’s check the planned investments so that the nearby forest will not be turned into a fast route in two years. And finally, let’s look at the neighbors themselves. Life with a passionate of hard music behind the fence can be annoying. 😉