At HAUSKY, we offer construction of houses in wooden frame technology. In highly developed countries with a more severe climate like Norway, Sweden, Germany, this type of construction is extremely popular and occupies an important place among all newly built facilities. Why? Mainly due to the much greater awareness of people who can say from experience how pleasant it is to live in a home with a favorable climate, among natural and ecological materials. Let’s not forget that in Poland we have a long, rich tradition of building from wood, and the oldest buildings are several hundred years old.

Every year, more and more people decide to build wooden frame house, noticing a number of advantages of this type of construction:


Wood is a natural, renewable raw material with very good structural and thermal properties. It provides energy saving and a unique microclimate. Building from wood is environmentally friendly, and a house built in this technology works well on the magnetic field of a man, making his statistical inhabitant live much longer.


The construction of a wooden house, after making the foundation slab, takes about 3 months. Due to the lack of wet works, this technology also allows work in winter. The possibility of building the whole year significantly reduces construction time. If we additionally use prefabrication of selected structural elements (walls, roof trusses), the production time can be further reduced.


Becouse of modern and professional solutions, such a house is warm, healthy and cheaper in comparison with other technologies. The low weight of the structure limits the size of the foundation, which means the cost of construction is lower. Due to the insulation layer in the structure, the walls do not accumulate heat from the outside or from inside the building. Depending on the variant, the annual heat demand of the building is up to 60 kWh / (m2 * year).


This technology allows you to choose any shape of the house and to adapt the interior space to individual needs. We can easily rebuild, expand or modernize existing buildings. The insulation of external walls hidden in the structure increases the usable area of ​​the building by approx. 10% compared to the same building area made in heavy technology.


Modern techniques of obtaining wood and its processing ensure high durability of wooden structures and their resistance to pests, weather conditions and fire (C24 certified wood, sorted, subjected to high temperature in a chamber dryer, where all insects and fungi are destroyed, then planed on four sides and chamfered for better fire resistance).


Thanks to the use of innovative solutions, your home will become more comfortable and safe, and you, controlling it from anywhere on Earth, will adapt it to your rhythm of life. Adding installations with the use of renewable energy sources, you will take care of both the ecology and the state of your savings.



with heat transfer coefficient parameters for building partitions U = 0.18 W / (m2 * K) and an annual energy demand of 45-60 kWh / (m2 * year).


with heat transfer coefficient parameters for building partitions U = 0.15-0.17W / (m2 * K) and annual energy demand up to 40 kWh / (m2 * year) (highly energy efficient).


with heat transfer coefficient parameters for building partitions U = 0.10-0.14W / (m2 * K) and annual energy demand up to 15 kWh / (m2 * year).

Our team consists of people who are constantly improving their qualifications. The owner of HAUSKY is a certified Construction Manager PASSIVE HOUSE INSTITUTE in Darmstadt, which guarantees the correct construction of the building in the passive option.

Bet on passion and professionalism. Build with people who know the technology perfectly, use certified materials and take care of every detail on the building site. We focus on quality, not the number of houses built. We provide constant supervision of our implementation to ensure the highest quality of services offered. We build as for ourselves!